Bulletproof Dedicated Servers

Datacenter Locations: Russia & Latvia - 1GBPS / 10GBPS - Unlimited Bandwidth - IP Spoofing Allowed

#Dedicated Servers
E5-2670 v2
E5-2660 v4
$239.99 USD
$259.99 USD
$289.99 USD
$349.99 USD
CPU Model
Intel Xeon E5-2430
2x Intel Xeon E5-2650v2
2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2
2x Intel Xeon E5-2660 v4
CPU Speed
2.40 GHz /24TH
3.40 GHz /32TH
3.30 GHz /40TH
3.20 GHz /56TH
RAM Memory
32 GB RAM (upgradable)
32 GB RAM (upgradable)
64 GB RAM (upgradable)
128 GB RAM (upgradable)
SSD Storage
480 GB SSD
480 GB SSD
2×480 GB SSD
2×480 GB SSD
Network Speed
1Gbps Uplink Dedicated
1Gbps Uplink Dedicated
1Gbps Uplink Dedicated
1Gbps Uplink Dedicated
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Bandwidth
Setup Time
2 to 4 Hours
2 to 4 Hours
2 to 4 Hours
2 to 4 Hours
Virtual KVM Console
Configure Your Server
Configure Your Server
Configure Your Server
Configure Your Server

Crafted for growth and performance

Premium value on higher plans

Transparent and Fixed Costs

Host your mission-critical applications on our fixed-cost Bare-Metal Servers and be in 100% control of your server's performance & security. You get a single monthly invoice, and there are no hidden charges or "additional" surcharges. You can use our pricing to predict your business expenses accurately.

Global Availability

We offer High-Availability Dedicated Servers in 2 global locations across four continents. With BP-Servers.com, you can host your business apps closer to your target audience and deliver a blazing-fast experience, without worrying about latency and lag. And each server comes with all the tools and security features to give you complete peace of mind.

Enterprise Support

We offer human support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through live chat and support tickets. Our personalized customer support service gets you the answers you need without making you talk to 10 different departments. Our team proactively monitors all servers and immediately jumps in to rectify the issues.

Same-Day Setup

All stocked servers are provisioned within 4-8 Hours irrespective of the location. For on-demand customisations, we will expedite the process and keep you updated on the delivery.

World Class Security

Virus scans, real-time system monitoring and Anti-DDoS protection are all standards in our managed solution plans. We keep watching your servers.

Managed Services

Don't have in-house DevOps? No Problem! All our services come with complimentary server management. Get access to our talented engineers who will answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dedicated server is a powerful hosting solution that can provide sustained high performance for your web services. It is a single-tenant hosting solution, offering you full access to its hardware components.

Dedicated server prices start at around $ 233.99/month for renting a base model server. Any additional upgrades that you choose for your dedicated server, such as unmetered bandwidth, additional storage, or fully-managed hosting will cost you additionally.

A dedicated server is worth it if your web services require a powerful hosting solution that can deliver high performance at all times.

If you‘ve been using a shared server and it cannot handle the incoming traffic and requests from your hosted services, it is worth upgrading to a dedicated server.

Yes, we believe in privacy and we have enabled ip spoofing.

If you are a small business looking to publish your website or web service, you can start out with a cheap, or a managed dedicated server. As you grow and scale up, you might consider paying more for a standard dedicated server.

However, if you are a big business dealing with lots of customers, or you need to process large amounts of information, you‘d want to look into high performance or enterprise dedicated hosting servers.

The main difference between shared and dedicated hosting is the number of users on the server. A shared server is usually rented out to hundreds of users, while a dedicated server is rented out to only one user.

On a shared server, the computer resources are split between all its users, making for a slow hosting experience. But on a dedicated server, all computing resources are dedicated to you, offering you full performance from the hardware you are paying for.

Yes, you can upgrade your BP dedicated server at any time and with any hardware components you choose. To upgrade your dedicated server, simply contact us and request an upgrade.

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