Bulletproof Privacy Hosting

We provide privacy bulletproof hosting solutions with spoofing enabled

Bulletproof VPS/RDP

Starts at $31.99 /mo
4 CPU x 3.2 GHZ

Intel Xeon

40 GB Space


1Gbps Shared (Upgradable)
Unlimited Transfer
All ports Open
  • Port 25 Open
  • Spam Allowed
Premium VPS Panel

Change Password
Start VPS
Reboot VPS
Stop VPS
Poweroff VPS

High Privacy, No Logs
Bulletproof Location
Instant Setup

Dedicated Server

Starts at $239.99 /mo
2x Intel Xeon E5-2420
2.40 GHz Turbo, 24 Threads
32GB RAM Memory


480GB Space


1Gbps Dedicated Port

Unlimited & Dedicated Uplink Port 
*Upgradable to 10GBPS 

Unlimited Bandwidth
Virtual KVM Console
Free 500Gbps DDoS Protection
High Privacy, No Logs
Setup in 2-4 Hours
Working Days


Starts at $39.99 /mo
4 vCPU x 2.8 Ghz

Intel Xeon Virtual Dedicated Processors

4GB Ram Memory


80 GB Storage


Unlimited Bandwidth
10Gbit Uplink Port


API Setup & Scripts (FREE)

Technical Team will proceed to the installations of all the dependencies and applications necessary for the creation of the API, in addition, we will insert various private scripts.

Virtual KVM Console
Premium VPS Panel

Change Password
Start VPS
Reboot VPS
Stop VPS
Poweroff VPS

IP Spoofing

Allowed /0

Instant Setup
15 Minutes OS Install

Onion TOR Server

Starts at $82.99 /mo
Dedicated Server
CPU:1x Xeon 4 Core
Memory: 8 GB DDR4
Disk: 2x 300 GB SAS
Traffic: 100 TB
Random .onion address
Server Monitoring
Realtime Support
1 Snapshot
Setup 2-4 Hours
Working Days

Accepted Payment Methods

Money-Back Guarantee

Try BP-Servers for 7 days and if you're not 100% satisfied, get your money back.

Anonymous Hosting Services

By using secured payment protocols like Bitcoin we ensure you that your identity will be protected and your privacy respected!

Don't let yourself be pressured or threatened!


We believe privacy is an important piece of democracy and that we all should have the right to be anonymous.

Fast Network

High Performance Network

High Performance Network

Technically speaking, BPServers offers Unlimited traffic. Great choice of multiple datacenters. Different uplinks & peerings. Automatic route optimization software. Large IPTV streaming projects & adult tube sites are very welcome!


Fully Secure Bulletproof Servers no complaints!

Data safety, very important these days If a government or someone from another country demanded access to our servers, the place of jurisdiction and the international laws will kick. The highest Freedom of speech and expression Say what you want and when you want, don't care about anyone!


Dedicated Tor Servers including .onion domain

Easily host your site on the Tor network, manage everything with the Control Panel interface and unique .onion domain. Pay with Bitcoin or any other crypto, it is safe, easy and free. Serverion provides Tor Hidden Services to customers which wish to host their sites via their own onion address.

Tor provides enhanced privacy and anonymity for customers seeking increased privacy. All traffic is routed through multiple locations to mask your location and as our service is a tor hidden service the location of our server is also hidden.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have trial VPS but you need to wait 24-48 Hours, depends on requests.

Yes, we charge if you request for IP Change.

No, at the moment we have only pre-configured VPS Plans.

Yes, we accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Yes, we allow spam on our bulletproof vps and dedicated servers.

Yes, you can try BP-Servers Services for 7 days and if you’re not 100% satisfied, get your money back.

Yes, we allow ip spoofing , on IPHM Servers and Bulletproof Dedicated Servers.

Yes, we allow blockchain nodes.

Yes, we allow any kind of port scanning.

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